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Why Choose Us For Coronavirus Decontamination?

Book a Coronavirus deep clean If you have a suspected Coronavirus contamination in Bournemouth or want to have your premises deep cleaned professionally to dramatically reduce the threat of COVID19, Call Wessex Maintenance Now!.

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Why choose our Coronavirus /
Covid-19 deep cleaning service in Bournemouth?

Our Coronavirus deep cleaning service in Bournemouth is extremely thorough and time efficient due to our use of the best equipment on the market.

We understand the importance of sanitising all surfaces properly including touch points, floors, and any equipment or furniture.

Needless to say trying to eradicate coronavirus through cleaning is a comprehensive process that calls for expertise, proper equipment, and a commitment to be as thorough as possible.

Our sanitisation process includes electrostatic fogging with Bright water®.


What is Bright Water®?

Bright Water® is a highly potent anti–microbial disinfectant against all pathogenic microorganisms.

Which is 99.9999% effective against all types of microorganisms: bacteria, viruses (such as SARS , H1N1,MERS , SARS, Influenza, Norovirus , Coronavirus  including Covid 19) , fungi, and spores.

It is a multi purpose antiviral disinfectant and can be used on all types of surfaces ( metal, plastic, glass, leather, wood, fabrics etc).

Bright Water® can also be used as an air decontaminant to eradicate suspended viruses in the air.

We use Bright Water® antiviral – antimicrobial as it is 100% ecological to humans and the environment with a neutral pH.

And ofcourse Bright Water® is fully compliant with HACCP ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and an approved product by ECHA (European Chemicals Agency).

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  • Covid-19 Sanitisation
  • Decontamination Cleaning
  • Health and Safety compliant
  • Effective and Affordable
  • Disinfection of workplace
  • Employee and Customer Safety

What Is The Cost of Coronavirus / Covid-19 Cleaning ?

Unfortunately there is not a quick answer for this. The cost of our Covid-19 deep cleaning and fogging services depends on the size of the area to be cleaned and the machinery / fixtures + fittings or equipment in the area.

Electrostatic fogging is time efficient and cost-effective means of cleaning large spaces.

Please feel free to get in touch for a specific quote to meet your needs.