Chewing Gum Removal

Chewing Gum Removal in Bournemouth, Southampton, Ringwood, Christchurch, Southbourne and Poole

Wessex Maintenance ltd provide Chewing gum removal for the exterior and interior of nightclubs, bars and other commercial premises. Specifically specialising in removing chewing gum from office entrance ways, carpets and dance floors.

Chewing gum is everywhere! especially after the introduction of the smoking ban. Have you ever tried to remove it? traditional methods are not very effective and often leave chewing gum behind, or damage is caused to the affected area. High pressure steam cleaning is one method used by Wessex Maintenance in removing gum. This is the most eco-friendly way. In exceptionally difficult circumstances we will occasionally use chemicals. These chemicals are safe to use on carpets and hard wood or laminate flooring and any residue is completely removed in the process.

We can carry out chewing gum removal at a time that is convenient for you, day or night depending on when there is less pedestrian traffic and when it will not affect your business trading.chewing gum removal from carpet

We have removed gum from nightclubs in Southampton, Offices in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole and residential entrance way carpet in Southbourne. Chewing gum usually builds up near entrances of buildings, carpeted walkways, Vip areas, smoking areas and dance floors. We use Steamforce3 (8 bar) steam cleaners and 3000 psi pressure washers to remove chewing gum and occasionally chemical based products depending on the surface and surroundings.

The problem with chewing and bubble gum aside from the fact it sticks to just about everything is it takes so long to break down – some say it doesn't bio-degrade, but like many plastics, just breaks down into smaller pieces over time. Chewing gum waste is everywhere – most people have had a piece stuck to the bottom of their shoe at some stage. It doesn't look good on your business does it?

chewing gum, removal Fact: Chewing gum pollution became so bad in Singapore, the country totally banned it in 1992; although twelve years later the ban  was reversed, but for therapeutic purposes only.

 Chewing Gum Removal in Public Areas

The Wessex Maintenance team are experienced  in the correct safe working practices when working in a public environment. The gum removal team supplied with all  necessary public safety equipment including risk assessments, warning signs, hazard tape, cones, etc.

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