Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panels need to be kept clean in order to perform to their maximum capacity. Installation companies recommend a twice yearly clean to keep your panels running efficiently.  Solar Panel Cleaning is also a necessary part of the system maintenance as all manufacturers require the cleaning of your solar panel system to maintain its warranty.

Wessex Maintenance ltd only pure, de-ionised water to clean Solar Panels (no chemicals at all). Cleaning is done with ultra light poles running pure de-ionised water to a soft brush head which is used to gently lift dust, dirt, algae and bird droppings and other debris. Its This grime that reduces your panels performance by preventing your solar panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that the panel can take in. This makes your solar panels less efficient and it is this inefficiency then has an effect on their performance and the amount of profit they return to you over the coming months.

Wessex Maintenance provide reach and Wash Solar Panel cleaning throughout Bournemouth, Southampton, Ringwood, Christchurch, Southbourne, Poole and wider areas of Dorset and Hampshire.

Cost Of Cleaning ?

Due to every system being different we cannot give you a uniform quote.

We offer quotes based on 3 factors:
Accessibility – How difficult is it to access your solar panels?
Current condition – How dirty are your solar panels right now?
Frequency – How often would you like your solar panels cleaned?

however as a guide for residential properties please see below.

If you would like a quote for a commercial setup please contact us on the number below.

Please call 07909840612 for a free No-Obligation quote for solar panel cleaning or for any other cleaning need, e-mail [email protected]