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Our system delivers a stream of de-ionised (purified) water to the end of a pole, without using any harmful cleaning chemicals.

It will clean the window, frame or fascia, and then the glass is then rinsed with a stream of pure water.

Purified water has no more than 10 particles per million (usually 0.5 ppm with the Streamline® systems) it leaves the windows streak and dirt free.

Our state of the art water fed pole system allows us to safely clean windows, frames, fascias and signage at heights up to 60ft from ground level.

 Exceptional Quality

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Water fed pole window cleaning is very effective as the use of pure water means that you do not need to use

chemical based cleaning products.

Saving you money, and lowering the risk of damaging or harming the environment it is used in.

Pure water wants to return to its impure state, its great for absorbing dirt particles efficiently and dries leaving a streak-free finish.

Wessex maintenance use the very latest water fed pole systems made by Streamline®.

Which results in the glass being exceptionally clean without the risks associated with traditional window cleaning.

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Health and Safety

  • We regularly check and audit our health and safety policies
  • We use the correct signage to warn of potential hazards
  • Site specific risk assessments are always carried out
  • We regularly maintain our equipment for optimal performance

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