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After a while a building, driveway or patio can begin to look worse for wear as a result of moss, lichen and general dirt and grime.  Pressure washing also known as jet washing can combat this and you’ll be amazed at the results we achieve. We clean block paving, slabs, decking, all types of outside walls (height no problem) all with pressurised water. 

As an additional service, outside walls and paving can be sealed, this extends the time moss etc. can grow back. Sealing the surfaces makes them water-resistant thereby preventing damage caused by frost and other problems associated with water (for more details see below).

Our pressure washing service is carried out using the very best commercial grade pressure washing equipment. Our Honda jet wash will reach 250 bar of pressure, far more than your average household pressure cleaners can. This means we can remove years of dirt that has built up on your driveways, patio areas and decking quickly and easily.

Step 1: Pressure washing

pressure washing bournemouth

Step 2: Re-sanding

pressure washing bournemouth

Step 3: Re-sealing

pressure washing bournemouth

Pressure washing

Pressure washing drive in Bournemouth


Pressure washing Southampton


pressure washing bournemouth
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Improves Curb Appeal
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Did you know we also offer high level pressure washing?

We clean cladding and other hard to reach areas...

Day after day your beautiful driveway, patio, pathway, decking, takes a pounding. Contaminants like oil, grime, grease, acid rain, road salt, algae and lichen are constantly attacking, eroding and staining the surface, ruining its pristine appearance. You could spend days scrubbing at it or you could invest in our speedy, professional services.

Wessex Maintenance provide pressure washing as part of its commercial cleaning services. Pressure washing, power washing, pressure cleaning, and water jetting often refer to the use of pressurised water that is concentrated through a high pressure nozzle in order to clean.

Wessex Maintenance ltd offer commercial and residential pressure washing throughout Bournemouth, Winchester, Southampton, Ringwood, Christchurch, Southbourne, Poole and wider areas of Dorset and Hampshire.

Pressure washing has many benefits

  1. Increases Home Value: Pressure washing is considered to be the most affordable way to increase your home’s value.
  2. Improves Curb Appeal: Your home’s curb appeal is important, especially if you are thinking about selling your home. Pressure washing your home removes stains and mildew that can make a home look unattractive, stalling a prospective home buyer from putting in an offer.
  3. Is Considered Preventative Maintenance: Regularly scheduled pressure washings are great ways to save money on costly exterior home repairs. Keeping your home clean hinders rot, decay and premature aging of the home – extending the life of your siding, driveway, porch and deck.
  4. Protects Your Family: Your home is also the home to a variety of different contaminants, such as dirt, mold, mildew and algae – some of which can be life-threatening. Pressure washing not only your home but your driveway, walkway, porch and patio can help prevent these bacteria from growing and prevent injuries caused by slipping and falling.



Pressure Washing Has Many Versatile Cleaning Applications

And is used to clean a variety of environments and surfaces

  • Block paving
  • Plant or Machinery
  • Retail Parks
  • Tarmac surfaces
  • Stone paving
  • Murals and statues
  • Car parks
  • Driveways
  • Yachts or Boats
  • Patios and decking
  • Building facades
  • Metal Stairs

Has Your Driveway Or Patio Become Faded, Stained Or Appear To Be A Breeding Ground For Weeds, Moss And Algae?

Resealing your driveway or patio after cleaning will help it look like brand new for years to come and prevent staining, weeds, moss and algae.

Re-Sanding : 

Re-Sanding is used after a surface such as block paving or concrete slabs have be pressure washed. The sand between the joints can become displaced and as such need replacing. This is done to help maintain the structure and fill the gaps to improve water run off.


Whether you're having a beautiful new block paved driveway laid or a concrete driveway poured, or you already have one. It's important that you protect and maintain your investment. A good sealer will keep your driveway looking great for many years, or rejuvenate an existing surface. Sealing a surface can be compared to waxing your car. A sealer will improve your driveway's appearance, keep UV rays from causing it to fade and protect it from stains.

Whether your driveway is gray concrete, block paved or has slabbed, sealing is recommended as part of the maintenance routine. Stain protection is another benefit of sealing a driveway. Your driveway will be subjected to many things in the great outdoors that can leave unsightly stains on the surface – leaves, dirt, fertilizer, pet urine, oil, tire marks and much more. The right sealer will keep all of the above from penetrating the surface of the area and leaving an unsightly stain.

Sealing or resealing your driveway will also reduce the chance of freeze thaw damage. Freeze thaw damage can cause cracks or surface flaking and is caused by water penetrating the surface and then expanding as it freezes. A sealer will keep water from absorbing into the driveway. Water will bead on the surface if your sealer is doing its job and evaporate quicker. When this no longer happens it is time to reseal your driveway. High traffic areas will likely need resealing on an annual basis.

In short, a sealer will enhance and protect your new or existing driveway. When properly sealed and/or resealed the service life of surface is greatly extended and curb appeal of the property greatly increased.


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